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A Clear Purpose

In the last one hundred years, people have been led by a tune that spins off from compositions of Taylor and Ford T. The overarching themes have been efficiency, value creation and extrinsic motivation. This kind of leadership has been employed throughout many years with tweaks and upgrades, but it will not work in the future.

Humans seek purpose, freedom and impact to a degree we have never witnessed before. This is due to technological, climate and economic developments. Today, many companies have overarching purposes that go beyond growth and profits, but we are still far from leading humans in the best possible way. Leading Humans have set off to find and formulate the leadership that is needed now and in the future.

The offset includes a brain trust, journeys across the globe to knowledge hubs, a co-creation site and ongoing reporting to journals and newspapers.

“We have set off to find and formulate the leadership that is needed now and in the future”

Journeys to knowledge hubs

We have spoken to front movers within brain research, digital technology, leadership, business and military forces from Copenhagen, London, New York/Boston, Singapore and LA/SF.

Pia Kirkeskov Andersen

“Leaders will need to be as human as possible”

Gina Hayden

“For many leaders today, success is all about striving to achieve”

Michael Ingemann

“Ultimately, managers receive less input from their employees”

Living Institute

“Diversity is a strategic business imperative”

Vincent Hendricks

“Pure profit-maximization is unsustainable”

Bjørn Glavind

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

Brain Trust

Steering committee, inspiration and driver. The committee has seven members that
represent brain research, digital, leadership, business, and military.

Recent News and Podcasts

Multiple Danish newspapers have written articles about Leading Humans, and many articles have become subject of debate on social media and a lot of people are engaged in discussing the future leadership.


Børsen recently wrote an article about us.

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Louise Orbesen recently visited Leadership Lounge for a talk about future leader competencies.

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