The Mission

In the last one hundred years, people have been led by a tune that spins off from compositions of Taylor and Ford T. The overarching themes have been efficiency, value creation and extrinsic motivation.This kind of leadership has been employed throughout many years with tweaks and upgrades, but it will not work in the future.

Humans seek purpose, freedom and impact to a degree we have never witnessed before. This is due to technological, climate and economic developments. Today, many companies have overarching purposes that go beyond growth and profits, but we are still far from leading humans in the best possible way.Leading Humans has set off to find and formulate the leadership that is needed now and in the future.

The project includes a brain trust, journeys across the globe to knowledge hubs, co-creation and ongoing reporting to journals and newspapers. Leading Humans is founded and driven by Louise Orbesen. Read more about her and the rest of the team below.

Leading Humans is organized around four cornerstones:

LH Institute is the deep divers of Leading Humans who have the purpose of finding, formulating and communicating the future of leadership.

LH Catalyst is the commercial unit which catalyzes future leadership in organizations that can, will and is ready to make a change.

LH Community is where influencers and ambassadeurs connect to spread the word of future leadership. Influencers are co-creators whom dedicate their time and passion to Leading Humans. Ambassadeurs are those who wish to support the development of Leading Humans and be inspired by others.

LH Digital Hub is the connecting tissue that allows stakeholders inside and outside Leading Humans to connect, discuss and co-create future leadership.

Do you want to join the community?

You can join Leading Humans as an Ambassador or Influencer. Ambassadors are those who seek to be inspired on how to embrace and exercise future leadership. Influencers are those who commit to spending their time on actively contributing to Leading Human’s mission by taking part of our activities. 

The Stewards

Louise Orbesen

Louise is the founder of Leading Humans. She is a consultant with more than 15 years of experience in management and strategy. Holding a master in Strategy, Organization and Leadership, she has taken the opportunity to apply her knowledge as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and her own consultancy ORBESEN. Through her exposure to executive decisions and strategies, Louise recognized the obstacles that current leadership has, and decided to do something about it. Her hope is to leave a lasting impact on the way we perceive leadership, and lead in general.

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Bjørn Uldall

I have joined Leading Humans to realize a dream I have carried for more than 15 years: to build an intentional community of leadership practitioners, developers, thinkers, communicators, entrepreneurs and action researchers. I see part of myself in all these ‘identities’, and they all bring a piece of the puzzle to our common quest in Leading Humans. I admit that I am a sucker for solid intellectual and practical knowledge and get a kick out of lofty visions and ideas. But I hope and trust that I can contribute even more to Leading Humans by cultivating an open heart, a sense of ‘not knowing’, and a willingness to fumble and improvise our way forward step by step.

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Jesper Rønnow

The future organization is people-centric, relations-based and glued together with empathy rather than hierarchy. This is why we need to redefine our understanding of leadership. In my opinion, we need to find a path towards a distributed, inclusive, and conscious leadership that we can pass on to future generations. Leading Humans is an attractive, meaningful and inspiring platform exploring exactly that path – and therefore in itself an example of the purpose that we pursue.

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Tina Wilk

I am in Leading Human’s steward circle because I am driven towards influencing the way in which we talk about and enact leadership now and in the future. The world needs leaders that are preoccupied with creating healthy organizations by focusing on people and balanced consumption of resources to benefit all stakeholders. We are in a time of great flux, where we need to keep up with the high pace while also slowing down assumptions, habits, and perspectives on that are no longer efficient because they abuse natural resources and people. In Leading Humans I seek to push for a change that creates value for organisations, people and businesses.

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Claus Raasted

I have built and led organizations since the late 90’s. I believe in radical empowerment and consider myself an expert in designing employee experiences. As the chairman of the Danish NGO Rollespilsfabrikken, I lead a thousand orcs, and as CEO of the world’s largest live action role play company – Dziobak Larp Studios – I work across three continents. Due to having a strong team that does events all over the world, I am part of the engine room of Leading Humans – with a stated specialty in getting $#%* done! Last, but not least, I am a prolific author, with 28 books to his name. I also have a past in reality TV, but these days, who hasn’t? 😉

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Michelle Dyrby

I am in the steward circle for Leading Humans because I want to be part of building a bridge between a new generation of leaders and the experienced leaders out there. From earlier and present leadership we have a strong foundation to build on, but new efforts are mandatory in the future. It is this potential that I am driven to unleash. I operate with great interest within the fields of business, economy and psychology and seek to bring people and business closer together. By being part of Leading Humans, I will make my mark on something I believe in.

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Birgitte Lie Suhr-Jessen

As member of the steward circle for Leading Humans I strive to push development, where leadership and management go hand in hand. Where there is room for the young and the old, experience and innovation, technology and people. Where we together can make sure that people and the resources on earth all become part of the equation of businesses. Without  neglecting strategic control and an ambition to create financial, business value. People are the very foundation of relations, organisations, societies and development.

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Mikkel Sandal Hansen

I represent the voice of the modern youth rebellion. One that fights against meaningless realities in corporate organizations. We as youngsters today have grown up with the mantra: “Follow your passion!” which has created a positive mindset, empowering us to pursue truly meaningful careers. We have watched how former generations have abused natural and social resources chasing short term profits. It is time for a change, and Leading Humans is all about that – change for better leadership!

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Contact Leading Humans Copenhagen +45 2478 7606