Strong Leadership Teams

Many leadership groups are characterized by poor communication and perhaps even a lack of trust and openness. In addition to not having the pleasure of going to work, it also goes beyond the company's ability to see and act in a visionary, courageous, purposeful and effective manner.


Leadership Team

The strong leadership team can place demands on each other, share ambitions and goals and are characterized by a trust and care for each other. It requires everyone to know the company's biggest goals - agree and want to contribute - and it takes a willingness and courage to work together to achieve those goals.

A strong leadership team is not created on a ski trip or a two-day off-site. An internal development program run by the company's HR department can prepare executives for the common leadership challenge. However, if the goal is creating a top leadership team that can really take the company to the next level requires a great and deep effort over time.

It is in the interplay of a deep business understanding, uncompromising demand for results and a great and deep understanding of man and his nature that we succeed. Leading Humans works with management, boards, and partner groups in a way that ensures focus, depth, and results.


A typical course

When the goal is to create a strong top leadership team, collaboration starts in a way that we spend time understanding. It is crucial that the development work is related to the company's overall goals and ambitions. We, therefore, spend time with all the leaders involved, and on this basis, we put together the method and process that meets the goals.

A course aimed at creating a top leadership team that is characterized by direction, focus, honesty, and unity could include:

  • Interview of relevant managers and other stakeholders (customers, partners, the board of directors)
  • Relevant Initial Leadership Analysis
  • Clues that address the identified issues at the individual, group and plenary levels
  • Providing spaces or situations that bring the central conflicts and challenges into play to be resolved constructively, to the core and moving forward
  • Outdoor-based courses aimed at taking the individual out of their usual and "role-forming" context and then instead generate space for honest and necessary dialogue and reflection

All management and issues contain something unique, and the method and solution process we develop is always 100% tailored.


Our style of collaboration

As we work to create strong top leadership teams, you can expect us to:

  • Show great respect - and high empathy - in your business
  • Having high professionalism
  • Being pragmatic and solution-oriented
  • Having great - but realistic - ambitions
  • Being down to earth with respect for the complexity of reality
  • Wanting to see results in real life. We do not stop at presentations in the Executive Room
  • Being serious and persistent