Interview with Maiken Piil

Date: 12.06.2019 Reading time: 1 min. By: Louise Orbesen

Maiken Piil is a leadership advisor and coach with expertise in Conscious Business and Leadership. She is on a purpose-driven mission to bring consciousness to business and leadership. As she puts it – the world needs it.

What do future leaders need the most?
– Regardless of what you pinpoint as future leadership, you will never get there unless you engage in continuous, deliberate personal growth. You will not be able to embrace the magnitude of what is required to be successful – you might be able to succeed in one or a few areas but to reach the full leadership potential, you need a high level of mental complexity that only deliberate personal growth can give you.

– This means that companies will have to enter into an arena of personal development that they up until now have stayed away from. It might, of course, create new dilemmas that need to be handled. But I simply do not see how any leader or company will be truly successful if they do not embrace this.

– Many will be sceptical. With good reason. It takes a lot for a person to go through the personal transformation that is needed.

What will characterize our future businesses?

– We will experience a fundamental shift in our sets of values and focus. More people will create businesses not just to earn profits, but with the purpose of making a positive impact in the world.

What are the important factors for a successful conscious business model?

– Conscious leaders that create conscious cultures. This means, among others, having a strong purpose, a win-win attitude to stakeholders, and investing heavily in people’s personal growth.