Interview with Torsten Hvidt

Date: 11.06.2019 Reading time: 1 min. By: Louise Orbesen

Who will be leaders of tomorrow?

– The singular, charismatic leader is forever gone. Today everybody has a say; that is the method that we know from the Internet.

– The archetypical leader of tomorrow will let other people co-create their ideas of a future with him or her.

– Leaders of tomorrow talk authentically about love, hate, the meaning of life, happiness and unhappiness. In dialogues.

What does the next stage organization look like?

– Overriding moral purposes is what will connect us now and in the future. It is no longer well-defined structures with fixed titles, roles and responsibilities that will keep companies together.

– People in demand will think of themselves as operating in a floating, loosely coupled civilization and culture.

– Today, certain longterm established companies struggle to find their purpose. They have come too far on their journey, and they have brought on board too many people who do not share the same dream.

Does inequality worry you?

– Whether you can personally control your greed or not, solely relies on your upbringing and breeding. The world is challenged by the fact that good breeding (dannelse) is disappearing.

– We see a gigantic shift in values. The prestige associated with grotesque wealth is evaporating; a lot of our best consultants do not own a car or an apartment. And they don’t want to