NextGen Corporate Pioneers

A group for corporate pioneers making changes in organizations

By now, there is a loud and clear call for a new generation of leadership. We can not, however, lean back until change has taken place in organizational real life. Therefore, we need corporate pioneers to go ahead and take the first important steps.

Is this for you?

There are visionary and brave people in private and public organizations. They feel the pain of the current structures, processes and leadership and they see a different way of doing things. A better way that fits with the challenges and needs of the 21st century. Are you one of these pioneers or do you want to be that?

Are you a leader with the mandate to decide, change and try other ways of strategizing, organizing or leading? (CEO, SVP, VP or similar). Or are you a passionate, insightful visionary paving the way for change in your organization? Do you want to be part of a like-minded group of peers with whom you can work together on shaping next generation leadership?

Content and setup

This group will work in two ways: 1) co-inquisitive inspiration and sparring and 2) expert inspiration and committed iniatives.The group consists of 8-12 members that meet five times per year on Thursdays from 16.30-20.30 in central Copenhagen. Every meeting is structured in the same way

1) Phenomologically check-in

2) Take 1: Co-inquiry (What are you doing? What do you need? What can you give? What is important right now?)

3) Salads and sandwiches

4) Take 2: Change initiatives (a) professional training, e.g., self managing teams, teal, purpose and values, self  transforming leadership, etc... and b) commitment, e.g. joint or individual iniatives)

5) Check-out

We will be sending out invitations to people we believe are perfect matches for this group. If however, we have looked you over, please do not hesitate to get in touch or sign up directly.

Location: Copenhagen
Price: 19.995 kr.